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Foreign Postage Rates

These are the prices for mailing books outside of Canada. We do not add handling or other additional charges - we charge whatever it actually costs.

Via US Post

The following is as of July 1, 2002, via US Post Office surface, expressed in US dollars (1 US dollar = approx 1.50 Cdn). The rates shown for the US are for media mail. Rates for Europe, Australia and New Zealand are for surface letter post for 4 lbs or less and for an international surface books M-bag.

Priority mail rates to the US for over 1 lb are calculated on the basis of zones.

Weight not overUSAUK
New Zealand
1 lb, .45 kg1.42 media
3.85 priority
3.80 Letter-post4.05 Letter-post
2 lb, .91 kg1.84 media
3.95-5.75 priority
6.30 Letter-post6.65 Letter-post
3 lb, 1.36 kg2.26 media
4.75-8.55 priority
8.70 Letter-post9.05 Letter-post
4 lb, 1.82 kg2.68 media
5.30-10.35 priority
11.10 Letter-post
8.80 M-Bag
11.45 Letter-post
11.00 M-Bag
5 lb, 2.27 kg3.10 media
5.85-12.15 priority
8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
6 lb, 2.72 kg3.52 media8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
7 lb, 3.18 kg3.94 media8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
8 lb, 3.64 kg4.24 media8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
9 lb, 4.09 kg4.54 media8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
10 lb, 4.55 kg4.84 media8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
11 lb, 5 kg5.14 media8.80 M-Bag11.00 M-Bag
12 lb, 5.45 kg5.44 media9.60 M-Bag12.00 M-Bag

Via Canada Post

Small Packets international, via Canada Post, expressed in Canadian dollars (1 Canadian dollar = approx .66 US) :

Weight not overNon-US SurfaceNon-US Air
.5 kg 1.1 lbs5.4010.65
1 kg, 2.2 lbs9.5021.30
2 kg, 4.4 lbs13.5535.55


For surface parcels over a pound and under 4.4 lbs to locations outside of North America, the Canadian post office's small packet rates are the least expensive. For heavier parcels, the US post office's M-Bag rate is the least expensive. For under a pound the US letter-post is least expensive.

A paperback without packaging will typically weigh under a pound ; a hardcover under 2 lbs. Packaging can add up to another pound to the parcel weight.

Surface parcels can spend over six weeks in transit.