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White Dwarf Books and Dead Write Books are well-established Canadian specialty retail bookstores, in business since 1978. Mailing costs are lower from us, you get the books faster, and you get personal service and expertise.


British and Canadian mysteries and science fiction and fantasy can be ordered by customers from the US from us. British books are typically released in Canada one to three months after the British publication date. Not all British editions have rights in Canada. For most (but not all) American authors and titles, the US edition will have rights for Canada. For details on which books are available in Canada, consult our catalogues or ask us by email. For reasons of time and space not everything makes it into our catalogues, so if you don't see it, ask anyway.


Mailing costs are relatively low--we bring the books across the border, handle customs, and mail through the US Post Office Media Rate. See Foreign postage rates for details. Books from Canada are governed by NAFTA; British books are not. US Customs levies a fee on non-NAFTA books. However, this fee only applies for shipments valued more than $200 US. It usually takes less than a week from the time we mail it, and we do a mailing weekly.


Our prices are in Canadian dollars. Currently exchange rates between the US and Canadian dollar are at an all-time low. The rate fluctuates, but currently a US dollar is worth $1.50 Canadian, or (another way of putting it) a Canadian dollar is worth two-thirds an American dollar. Because Canadian prices do not accurately reflect the exchange, it is actually far less expensive (averaging about 15% less) to buy a US or British edition in Canada than in the country of publication.


Just send us email with what you want.


The easiest payment method is credit card--Visa or Mastercard. We can bill in Canadian dollars and let the bank do the exchange. We can ship the books immediately. The only drawback is you have to provide us (with your first order) with your credit card number, expiry date and name on the card. You can either email it to us or phone us at 1-604-228-8223. If you prefer to pay by cheque or money order, we have to estimate exchange and mailing charges in advance and wait for the cheque to arrive.